Hey there, I'm Chelsey, a photographer and blogger based out of Louisville, KY.  Most days you can find me stalking my favorite blogs, weightlifting with my husband, proofreading his awesome papers (he attends the Southern Seminary) and squeezing in time to curl up with a book in the evenings.  When I asked my husband for his take on what I'm mostly known for (to write it out here), he said "Your smiles, donut pictures and broccoli in your teeth." Keepin' it real.  In all fairness, I was trying to be healthy and had broccoli for lunch!

I serve people like you who desire timeless photos of the happiest day of their lives.  I'm honored to give you the gift of capturing life's precious moments, and the ability to peek back through time at those same images years from now. That's what photography has meant to me: from running straight to the picture collages of our family on the walls of my grandmother's home every time I visited (complete with 90s fashion and chic retro glasses on my aunts and uncles), to keeping my little Kodak point-and-shoot in my purse in high school so I could remember how much fun life was at the time. 

When I'm not snapping photos, you can catch me mapping out the most efficient route through Costco, chatting on the phone with my mom (she's one of my best friends!), and finding excuses to go to the library because ours looks like Hogwarts and I can't get enough of it.

You can read the story behind starting Chelsey Nelson Photography here.

If you'd like to hear more, here are five things you might not already know about me.

Fun facts:

  • I met my husband online through Christian Mingle!  I'm a walking billboard and should probably have my own coupon code by now.  Best $30 I ever spent!  Here's my blog post about our wedding.

  • Watching Ina Garten on Barefoot Contessa or Chip and Joanna on Fixer Upper while I make dinner is one of my favorite ways to wind down and relax.

  • I am a huge tennis fan.  Going to professional tournaments is so much fun!  

  • While in college, I had roommates from France, China, Japan and Holland.  I loved getting to know women from around the world!  My roommate from France turned out to be my Maid of Honor.  

  • My favorite wedding resource, because they focus on planning a beautiful marriage, not just a pretty wedding: Southern Weddings.

Things I Love

  • Anthropologie
  • Fall
  • Everything Christmas!
  • Solo trips to Target
  • Reading (I just finished The Pastor's Wife by Gloria Furman and started Dark Matter by Blake Crouch)
  • Podcasts (favorite is Glorious in the Mundane by Christy Nockels)
  • My KitchenAid Mixer
  • What Not to Wear (my favorite tv show growing up!)

Still here?  Let's connect!  You can email me, check out some of my work, and read my blog