Annie + Andrew Frankfort Kentucky Wedding

Annie was one of the happiest brides I've ever been with on a wedding day.  From clapping her hands together at the altar to her giddiness during their first dance, it was a refreshing display of pure joy that I couldn't help but absorb and feel myself.  

I lost count of the times people came up to me to say how perfectly matched Annie and Andrew were.  I saw the relief when Annie's mother Janie started explaining what a wonderful young man her daughter was marrying.  The day your child gets married is a precious milestone and I was honored to be with a family that made me feel so welcomed and appreciated.

And for anyone wondering if having a First Look takes away from when the bride walks down the aisle, just look at Andrew's emotion and expression later in the post!  I couldn't help but tear up myself when Annie made her way down the aisle in the same church her parents got married in 30 years ago.  What a rich heritage.  

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Vendor Credits

Videography - White Owl Weddings

DJ - Dave Drummond/Odyssey Mobile Entertainment 

Wedding Cake - Sweet Lee's Bakery

Ceremony Venue - First United Methodist Church Frankfort Kentucky

Reception Venue and Catering - Frankfort Country Club

Wedding Dress Designer - Jewel at David's Bridal

Groom and Groomsmen attire: Men's Warehouse


Annie + Andrew's Engagement Session - Louisville, KY

Louisville Engagement Session Prospect Kentucky-1.JPG

Engagement sessions are always so much fun.  There are plenty of butterflies, giggles, excitement, and tender romance because hey, you're getting married!

I'm honored to get to work with such special people like Andrew and Annie.  Andrew is busy with grad school at the University of Kentucky, and Annie cares for people for a living as an ICU nurse - many times during the night shift no less.  While most of us are snuggled safely in our beds at night, people like Annie are wide awake taking care of the ones we love.

This couple is easy to fall for, and I think you might after scrolling through their engagement photos!  We shot in Prospect, Kentucky which has some gorgeous parks!  I'd shot a wedding there last December so the bridge pictured first was still fresh in my mind, especially the lush trees that canopy around and frame the bridge.  There's no shortage of award winning parks to choose from in Kentucky.  We have it good!

On August 4th, we'll get to celebrate their wedding and the start of their family!  It doesn't get any better than that!

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Annie + Andrew Engagement Blog Post-3.JPG
Annie + Andrew Engagement Blog Post-5.JPG
Annie + Andrew Engagement Blog Post-10.JPG
Annie + Andrew Engagement Blog Post-7.JPG
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5 Favorite Natural Beauty Products

Favorite Natural Beauty Products-1.JPG

I've been slowly switching over to natural beauty products for nearly a year now, so I thought it was time to share my top favorites in hopes that you might find a new favorite too!

I used to assume the labels "natural" and "organic" were just code names for a marketing campaign for products that weren't actually all that different from everything else on the market.  And while in some cases that's kind of true (the meaning of "natural" isn't very well regulated and is often misleading), I'm on board with companies producing products that will benefit my health rather than harm it.  

5 Favorite Natural Beauty Products Blog-1.JPG
5 Favorite Natural Beauty Products Blog-3.JPG

1. Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist - this face mist is so refreshing! 

I received it in one of the very first subscription boxes from the Oui Fresh Natural Beauty Box

I spray it on my face right before I cozy up in bed at night.  It's the perfect scent to help you relax and feel pampered. 

And if I need a little wake me up in the morning, I'll spray it on before applying my makeup or to set my makeup after applying.

5 Favorite Natural Beauty Products Blog-4.JPG

2. Bless Beauty Balm by Leahlani - this is also from an Oui Fresh Beauty Box

This was my first time trying a balm consistency as a moisturizer.  It ended up being the perfect product for winter here in Louisville. 

I'd like to add that my skin isn't really in the dry category normally, so if you're normal to oily like me, it could still work great for your skin.  I love waking up the next morning to glowing skin, which is what you can expect with this product. 

I haven't tried this method, but Leahlani's website mentions you can also use this as a cleanser.

Did I mention it smells like Hawaii?  Yep.  It also lasted me about 4 months, so I'm pleased!

5 Favorite Natural Beauty Products Blog-5.JPG

3. RMS "Un" Cover-Up - My favorite thing about this product is how it so seamlessly melts into your skin, much like the RMS Lip2Cheek.  I actually just ran out, which is why the product is only pictured at the beginning of this post and the lid is on! 

It's buildable but doesn't feel heavy on the skin.  You can also use it as a foundation (although I'd get a shade or two darker for that purpose), which is something I'm interested in trying.

4. RMS Lip2Cheek in Demure (pictured above) - if I could only take a few beauty products with me on a trip, this would definitely be in the top 3. 

I love how it melts into the skin so that you really can't tell you're wearing anything at all.  It's great as a creme blush and lip color!

It's the perfect naturally subtle pink that helps your face brighten up. 

5 Favorite Natural Beauty Products Blog-6.JPG

5. Oui Fresh As If Lipstick - if you're noticing a lot of Oui Fresh products, it's because they're some of the best I've tried! 

This shade shows up more red than pink for me, but the product page has examples of how it looks with different skin tones. 

The A Beautiful Mess blog (the sister company to Oui Fresh) has a lot of helpful natural beauty and clean living blog posts if you're interested in learning more about their products and resources!