Moving #Goals

Upon approaching my first long distance move, I thought it might be helpful to list some goals!  Here we go.

1. Resist the temptation to listen to Miranda Lambert stroke my sentimental tendencies by playing The House that Built Me 20x times.  While I didn't grow up in our current home, it's special because it was our first home after my husband I were married.

Just listen to this: 

2. Pack ahead of time!  We're fortunate in that we used a lot of bins and under-the-bed storage after we got married and I moved in, so a lot is already "packed" in a sense.

3. Number boxes.  After a long trip, being able to find what you need by looking on a spreadsheet with box numbers and belongings will help things run smoothly.

4. Give our wedding dishes their best chance by placing paper plates/bowls between each dish (thank you for the tip, Ramsey!).

5. Donate what we don't need *before* we start packing.  I've been doing this gradually for a few months, so we're on track here...I hope.

6. Include a favorite candle in the "first night box" so that our new place will smell more like home.

7. Sleep.  It might be tempting to try and pack those last few boxes, but before you know it - 1:00 AM.  I'm hoping to make sure we don't dip below 7.5+ hours of sleep. That will make everything easier to handle.

8. Accept help.  I tend to only accept help when I really need it.  We are blessed with friends who truly want to help however they can, and I know they will help this move run more smoothly. We love you guys.

Wish me luck!