4th of July Outfit Ideas

I thought it would be fun to infuse more fashion into the blog, so why not start with some outfit ideas for this Independence Day?  Both looks have a preppy vibe and classic pieces with the right pops of color.  What I like about these outfits is that I wear versions of them in daily life - the only difference was coordinating the right colors.  Dressing for the 4th of July used to mean a new Old Navy flag t-shirt!  Did anyone else get in on that trend?  Back in the elementary school days, my friends and I would buy them so we could match :)

These Sam Edelman wedges have been getting a lot of wear lately because they match nearly everything in my closet, and they're comfy!  I purchased these through a mobile buying app called Poshmark.  With Poshmark, you can buy and sell previously owned (and some new) items.  I've had a great experience so far on both ends.  You can use my referral code to receive $5 credit to use on your first order (I'll also receive $5 credit when after you make your first purchase)!  My referral code is NHPZF.  You can check out my closet under the handle @ny152 (You've Got Mail reference!).

You would see two repeated patterns if you were to walk into my closet: stripes and polka dots!  Although I've been going for stripes more lately, I'll always gravitate toward feminine polka dots.

Thanks to my husband for snapping these photos and making me laugh.  You are definitely the cutest photographer I've ever worked with ;)  I hope you have a wonderful Independence Day with family and friends.  And remember to take plenty of pictures!  

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