Dream Location: Paris, France

Paris is one of my dream wedding locations!  I would love to work with a couple planning to hold their wedding in Paris.  It's hard to think of a more romantic place.  This marks the beginning of a series I'm starting to showcase locations where I'd love to photograph weddings.  Lake Como and The Biltmore are up next!  

I traveled to Paris for the first time a few years ago to have some adventures with my college roommate who lived there at the time.  I'm so glad I went, and now I think about how I'd love to go back with Derrik.  It didn't seem right to keep all of these beautiful photos of Paris to myself, so I'm laying out all of my gems for you to enjoy!

I'd like to suggest listening to the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack while you journey through this post.  Yeah, it's technically set in England, but it adds to the mood!  Click here to listen.

A post about Paris just wouldn't be complete without a nod to what became my favorite spot - Ladurée.  Some called it a tourist trap, but I gladly obliged.  I think I went three or four times during my trip.  I even researched if shipping their treats to the US was an option once I got back.  Let's just say it's not to be missed.  

Something you'll notice quickly are the exquisite ceilings.  This is in one of the dining rooms at Ladurée.

If you could wander through museums and quote Night at the Museum all day, the Louvré is your dream come true.  And the area around the Lourvré is a wonderful place to stroll through with plenty of time and no plans to rush you.  The Paris Opera House is another great stop to savor the Parisian aesthetic.

Angelina is a perfect place to fuel up with some velvety hot chocolate.

There's no shortage of eye candy for the history buff.  Look at Notre Dame at sunset on a tour down the Seine River.

Paris is also home to some serious shopping.  Don't worry.  You've trained for this ;)

Your Instagram feed is probably full of pictures featuring the doors of Paris, and it's because they are everywhere, and they are beautiful.  So many photos I took were simply of random doors I passed by.  

This is one of my favorite pictures from the entire trip.  I love those blue whimsical swirls!  This doorway was on a little side street in Montmarte.  Montmarte was my favorite area of Paris.  It felt the most like I'd walked onto a movie set.  Artists sketched beautiful girls, a cello played in the background at a local cafe.  It was just perfect.  And the views were pretty good, too...

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of Paris!