Peace in the Morning

Something I miss most when I'm out of town is being able to start mornings with my husband reading our Bibles.  Our eyes may feel a little heavy, there may be a yawn or two, but it's a daily practice my soul needs.  I recently heard that even if you don't feel a big emotional lift or connection from practicing daily Bible reading, that we can be encouraged to know it's a habit that honors the Lord - one the Holy Spirit can use it in his time, how he pleases. 

One of my favorite Christian apologists, Greg Koukl, once said on a podcast that reading chapters at a time in Proverbs can be like eating an entire chocolate cake in one sitting - it's rich!  If you're looking for an idea to start reading the Bible more, reading a chapter (or even just a few verses) of Proverbs could be a great way to start.

I've been giving a lot of thought to how photography fits in - how I can honor the Lord, serve others and fight against the temptation to chase after glory for myself.  I think photography has become an extension of worship in my own life.  It encourages me to notice beauty and inevitably leads me to reflect on the creator of that beauty.  Celebrating marriages, the birth of a baby, the excitement of siblings meeting their little brother for the first time - I can't help but walk away in awe of the Lord.  That's my ultimate hope for these pixels on your screen, every image, that it would be crafted with a grateful heart that acknowledges God and points you to him.  I hope you leave this little space encouraged.