Salads You Actually Crave from Sarah Adler of Simply Real Health

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A lot of this blog is motivated by sharing things I enjoy with you.  Things I think could enhance your life, bring it more beauty, or leave you feeling encouraged and refreshed.  A recipe that blew my mind, a new beauty balm that would make your skin feel dewy and glowy, a memorable trip, book that brought a fresh perspective - you get the idea.  

I wanted to share Sarah with you because I can't seem to get enough of her!  Her salads, her happy 'I love life' demeanor, and her style (it's the cutest). 

I first found Sarah when I was looking into Marie Forleo's B School program 2+ years ago and watched Marie interview her as an alumni success story.  Fast forward a few years to now, when I rediscovered her on Instagram. 

I've started paying more attention to how the people or companies I follow on Instagram make me feel.  Do they make me feel...


like I'm behind in my life? 

behind in my career?

life status? (CLOSET status? Amen?) etc etc? 

If they do, I've started pulling the trigger and letting those accounts go.  

On the other hand, after following Sarah's account a few weeks and checking back to see her beautiful photos of fresh greens and salads, I found myself craving salads. ha. Power of suggestion?  

I'll repeat that for myself.  Craving salads!  

I even tried mushroom coffee at her suggestion.  If that isn't a sign of trust, I don't know what is! haha (it was delicious, by the way! I added coconut milk and stevia to make a latte)

I'm not completely knowledgeable on her approach to nutrition as a whole, but I resonate with her ability to talk about not only good recipes, but to touch on the emotions and relationship tied to food.  It's not just about what you're eating - it's about how you feel when you eat it, too.  Guilty? Happy? Anxious? Why?

If you're intrigued, then I think you might find her to be just as lovely as I do.  I tried her Baja Caesar salad (and subbed coconut yogurt to make the dressing dairy-free) recipe and devoured it!  Practicing some self care in making good health choices is always important, but it's easy to let it slide when you get busy building a business.  Go see what she's all about at