Donuts + Bookstores

Donuts may become a "thing" on here, which makes sense considering how much I think about them.  It seems they deserve their time on the blog.  Every blog needs donuts, right?  But if you pair bacon and donuts together?  Oh yes.  Add on a bookstore filled with Christmas stationery and the new illustrated Harry Potter book, and you have a winner. 

We've been on a continuous tour of Louisville donut shops recently, and I'm loving it!  After trying Clifton Doughnut Shop, we ventured to Nord's Bakery and Bussmann's Bakery.


The donuts at Busman's had a great texture, and the staff were very kind.  The donuts had soft dough and classically sweet icing.  They showed us some of their recent cake decorating masterpieces, and I must say they have a knack for it.

After donuts, we strolled down Frankfort Avenue, peeking in and out of stores leading up to Carmichael's Bookstore - something that looks like it belongs in You've Got Mail.

Although I've seen all of the Harry Potter movies, I've haven't read the book series yet.  Wouldn't it be awesome to experience it for the first time with this new illustrated edition?  We could get it, enjoy it, then save it for whenever we have children!  Sounds like a plan to me.  This area of Frankfort Avenue is quaint and cozy.  There's still plenty to explore, but here's to a good start.