Christmas Home Tour 2017

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Christmas is less than 10 sleeps away!  That shows how close it really is (and that it's obviously been a little quiet around here lately). Lots of life has happened since then though.  We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary -  yay!  And with it being Hugo's first Christmas with us, we've been playing Santa for our little pup. I think he's going to love the salmon jerky in his stocking!  

I thought it might be fun to share some pictures of what we've done to spruce up our home and get into the Christmas spirit!

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In other news, maybe I missed my calling to be a Christmas ornament designer (like my missed calling to name Essie nail polish colors for a living).  Anthropologie and Magnolia Market are blowing me away with their Christmas and Winter collections!  No surprise there.  And in other Magnolia news, I want to buy everything from their Hearth and Hand collection at Target.  I ended up going home with the wreath pictured above.  I might just keep it up year round!

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Merry Christmas!

$5 DIY Christmas Wreath

Wreaths are one of my favorite Christmas decorations.  I love looking at the festive displays in stores around town, and I also appreciate seeing them sprinkled throughout neighborhoods and on business doors - they look great everywhere, and the more the merrier!  Although finding a pretty wreath isn't very hard, finding one under $15-25 was a little difficult.  I happened upon a basic wreath at Walmart in the Christmas section for only $2.48 (not on sale)!  After gleefully adding it to my already full hands, I walked down the ornament isle.  They had so many cute options, and when I saw this glitter-happy "Merry Christmas", I knew the two were meant to be together!  I used some berry twigs I already had on hand to add some color pop.  I love how it turned out.  

What you'll need to make your own:

1. Wreath of your choice (I couldn't find my exact wreath but this is an inexpensive option)

2. Merry Christmas Ornament and ornament hook

3. Red Berry Twigs 

Even if you add the red berry twigs into the cost (at 50% off when I bought them for my wedding), my total comes out to be only $4.54 after tax.  Happy making!