$3 Storage Solution


Bookmark this page, then run to Target!  I found these cute little wooden trays for $3 each at Target's Dollar Spot - the magical section that supports my growing collection of stationery and craft supplies.  Target really hits a few things out of the park: their sour patch kids selection, $1 stationery and home decor.

I'd been on the lookout for a storage solution for my vanity counter.  Something that could replace a mix-matched set up of baskets and craft boxes to house those everyday essentials like brushes, makeup, dry-shampoo, etc.  I found these wooden trays in white, aqua/teal, pink and light lavender.  I always look forward to seeing the change in Target's inventory as each season passes.  Since I couldn't find 5 in one color, I used the white tray I bought to store our bibles in the living room and the rest to stack on my vanity.  I'm so happy I could consolidate everything into these easily stackable trays!  

I've noticed different inventory depending on which Target I visit, so you may need to check multiple locations to find these little gems.  Let me know if you find something great!  I'm always open for a reconnaissance mission to Target.