Where to Print Your Photos: Cozy Fall Prints

Where to Print Your Photos-1.JPG

Certain images come to mind when I think back to different seasons of life.  Photographs are able to jog my memory and help fill in the gaps I'd be sure to miss if I didn't have tangible evidence of those moments.  That's where Artifact Uprising came in, with their offer of a free set of square prints.  I was thrilled when I saw the promotion while I was scrolling on Facebook.  I'm very happy with the quality, and love the finish of the paper.

  • The picture of Paris from the views of Montmarte: Derrik and I were dating at the time.  I went to Europe for some adventures with my college roommate and remember trying to figure out different apps that would help us communicate while I was away.  Did I take a screenshot while I Skype called him from Lake Como?  Maybe.  Hey, I missed him :)
  • The table full of Christmas greenery and plaid ribbon is from our wedding reception.  I'm a big plaid fan, and I love how I'm reminded of our wedding whenever I see it.
  • The picture with our feet with some legit fall leaves beneath us was taken at Cherokee Park in Louisville.  We had just moved here a few weeks earlier and were taking in all the beautiful fall scenery!
  • The black & white photo is from our recent photoshoot together (which I'll be sharing soon!), representing almost 2 years of marriage.    

We've come so far, all represented in 4 squares.  I love how the prints bring me back to what it felt like in each season.

What is your favorite way to print your photographs?