Recipe Review: Ham + Swiss Skillet

I've found everything that's cooked and presented in a cast iron skillet to be so cozy and rustic.  I love it.  I never really cooked with cast iron until I started using the one Derrik brought into the marriage.  Really, he has every kitchen appliance you could want.  That and a knack for cooking were some pretty impressive qualities back in the dating days (he's cooking dinner right now so I can finally blog!).  

This recipe review is for the Fit Living Foodies Ham + Swiss Skillet.  You can get this recipe in their Transforming Recipes cookbook sample available here!  One of the founders of Fit Living Foodies, Alex Navarro, is my nutrition/performance coach!  She's the real deal.  Alex shows genius in the kitchen with low carb dishes.  This meal would work well for anyone following a low carb lifestyle, or simply wanting something that feels decadent to start the day.

This is one of our favorites for a relaxed Saturday morning.  Actually, Derrik made this, so I was quite relaxed! haha.  I'm reviewing the taste bud experience.  Team effort, right?

The Ham + Swiss Skillet gets total approval in the Nelson household.  We added some extra mushrooms and green onion.  This can be adapted to your preferences very easily.  If you give it a try, let me know how it turns out!

*I was not compensated for this review.  I just really like this recipe and wanted to share it with everyone!