Skinny Potato Salad

With July 4th coming up, this is the perfect light transition from a summer classic: potato salad.  Although you can buy ready-made potato salad at the grocery store, I love the taste of fresh ingredients sprinkled with some convenience (enter: ranch packet!).  We tend to keep recipes lower in fat if they're high in carbohydrates, but even if you don't follow those guidelines, this is a great side dish regardless! 

This recipe was adapted from Train for Her magazine.


1. Cube potatoes (skin on) and place into pan with boiling water.

2. Boil potatoes until done (when you can easily pierce with fork). Let cool.

3. In medium bowl, combine remaining ingredients.

4. Add cooled potatoes, salt to taste, stirring gently. Serve chilled.

Final step: sanitize screen and lick accordingly ;)