First Snow

It's snowing!!  Today marked the first time I woke up to snow in the place I call home.  I really did jump when I peeked between the blinds to discover a fresh coat of white powder on top of everything!  Snowflakes swirling in the air, evergreens dusted in white - the works.  I hope the excitement of the snow doesn't totally dissipate as we learn how to actually get out and function in it, but in the meantime, SNOW!  

I know Christmas is over, but I couldn't help it.  This picture makes me feel cozy, so here you go.  Hope you feel cozy, too. Ok, now snow!  As true Floridians, we ended up using a broom to wipe the snow off of our car windshield.  Note to self: invest in one of those handy window scraper contraptions.  We had fun clinching to one another on our walk to church.  Walking on ice is a new dance for us, but we're eager to learn!