Biz Highlight: Chelcey Tate Designs

"The Snuggle is Real"
"Messy Bun + Get'er Done"

These are just two of the cute mantras you can expect to find on the goodies in Chelcey Tate's online shop.  I started following Chelcey on social media last year when Derrik and I made the decision to move to Louisville.  I figured bloggers would be a great starting resource to get a feel for Louisville while we were researching where to live, where to eat (#priorities), and really any advice that could lend us a local's perspective.  I finally got to meet Chelcey in person this month at her pop-up-shop/meet up at Madewell!  She had a sweet display of products and even picked out her favorite new Madewell arrivals for fall.  Here are some snaps of the day.

Don't you love her hand-lettering?  I think it hand-lettered items look extra special and customized.

Maybe this will give you some Christmas gift ideas (nope, it's not too early to start!).