Biz Highlight: Learn with Adrienne


Adrienne is one of those people that can immediately put you at ease when you first meet her.  We met through Louisville's Tuesday's Together group (part of The Rising Tide Society).  After getting to know her during her headshot session, I quickly realized I wanted to share her business with all of you!  

If you want to be able to communicate better and connect with your toddler, read on:

I've seen plenty of Snapchat stories of mothers celebrating over being able to communicate with their little one with sign language.  I've always thought, "I really want to learn how to do that some day, but I'm not sure where to start."  Have you felt the same way?  Adrienne can help you.  

Learn with Adrienne is all about empowering you to help your child communicate.  That sounds like something we can all benefit from!  You can download free speech milestone checklists here. She also offers a 30-day Sign Language course!  You can try out a free lesson here.

*This post was not sponsored.  Adrienne didn't even ask for me to brag on her awesome business!  I just thought it could be helpful for you.  Let me know if you try out her free lesson!